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Puzzle, Music, Adventure

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A Halloween Valentine is a puzzle-adventure pop album set in a haunted amusement park on Valentine's Day.

Solve logic puzzles while bopping along to original songs with lyrics to find the way back to the love of your life!


  • A myriad of logic puzzles akin to those in Zelda games
  • 10-track album soundtrack by synth-pop artist Monster Mansion
  • A spooky amount of puns
  • Comedic dialogue and characters
  • A queer love story
  • A charming 3D art style


A Halloween Valentine is being primarily developed by Creative Director and Pop songwriter Jacob Leaney (founder of Things For Humans). The game is a spiritual successor to the 2021 award-winning game Video World, taking the characters, world and comedy into an improved design with longer gameplay.

Leaney started the project with a series of songwriting sessions in 2021, including collaborations with K-Pop writer Alina Smith (Itzy, Red Velvet, Chung-Ha) and Melbourne producer/writer Dean Tuza (The Rubens, Stella Donnelly). These demos fed into the ideation of the game, which uses the lyrics of the songs to help tell the story of the protagonist and supporting characters.

A Halloween Valentine is currently in development for Switch and PC with an expected release date of late 2023.

The game is being developed with support from VicScreen and Screen Australia.


  • Multiple game modes to allow even those with no experience with rhythm to enjoy the game
  • Fully text based dialogue with dyslexia tested font

Soundtrack by Monster Mansion


The soundtrack is an album of original pop tunes from synth-pop artist Monster Mansion. It includes collaborations with K-Pop writers Alina Smith of LYRE (Itzy, Chung-Ha, Red Velvet) and ENIJAE (Lightsum), and US pop act Myylo.

Monster Mansion is the solo music project from Things For Humans' Creative Director Jacob Leaney.

The first single from the soundtrack titled 'Call On You' is out now via all streaming services. Listen below:


Download logo files as .zip (white versions included)

Key Team

Jacob Leaney
Creative Direction / Songwriting

Vong Chen Wen
Level Design

Alan Robinson
3D Art

Alistair Baldwin
Narrative Lead

Jennifer Reuter
Concept Art & Character Design

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